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About us

Born in 1945 with the name of CINELABOR-FIRENZE (CF) we were among the first in Italy and in European countries to rebuild projectors for the cinema after the war.

CINELABOR mod. Cintia, anni '50 Our first products were 35mm normal pitch and 16mm reduced pitch cinema sets. Over the next 15 years, thousands of cinemas were supplied. In the 1960s we adopted the name CINEMEC-FIRENZE (CF). Since then, an incessant search for new solutions for luminaires in both formats has begun, experimenting with new ideas, new applications, patents. We were the first company to adopt silicon diodes in place of the old selenium plates for power rectifiers for arc lamps; the first to use the new halogen light sources for their transportable luminaires, eliminating autotransformers and significantly lowering consumption.

We have revolutionized the old brake-jaw drive systems with the new zero-stress systems on the film. The great experience in the sector has allowed us to be the first company to develop transportable 35mm projectors of truly reduced dimensions. Solid and reliable, our transportable are equipped with large light powers similar to those of large cabin systems and have very light single-phase transportable power supplies, suitable for powering lamps up to 4000W. CINEMEC mod.III, anni '60


Our characteristic has always been to have a fever to experiment with new techniques and innovations. Thanks to our continuous capacity for change, in addition to the production on demand of items for film, we always keep up to date on digital projection technology, we can now boast of being a partner of the largest European group that deals with Digital Cinema, we offer all brands but we offer only the best products chosen on the basis of reliability.

Our passion for this work makes us work with joy, without worry and with always excellent results; sound and image are completed with interfaced devices that can automate both mechanically and electronically the various system accessories and make the management of the rooms easier.

firenze pontevecchio We work in the atmosphere of the Florence of art and craftsmanship, with the same creative and innovative spirit that has stimulated us from the beginning. New digital technologies and recent changes in the sector push us to continuous innovation on products, services and collaborations, to always offer excellent quality, low costs and cutting-edge products.

We are proud to have the collaboration as an authorized European Partner CinemaNext, a leading company in the D-Cinema sector, to offer our customers all the best digital projectors on the market.